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February 7, 2012




held FEBRUARY 7, 2012


The Russellville city council met in regular session on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, at 5:00 pm, in city hall.

Mayor Mark Stratton presided over the meeting with council members Jimmy Davenport, Pat Bell, Sandra Kinser, Jack Whipple, Bill Decker and Darlene Gooch present.


The mayor asked council approval of the minutes of the regular session from January 17, 2012.


Gooch moved, seconded by Decker, to approve the minutes of the regular session from January 17th.


The mayor asked for any corrections and/or discussions; being none the motion to approve the minutes passed unanimously.


The mayor announced that MHM Metals who bought the old ITW building announced on February 2nd the settlement of the property purchase contract of over a 115 acre industrial site in Russellville which will be the location of the company’s first US Salt Cake and Black Dross facility.


The mayor asked for committee reports but there were none.


Next on the agenda was a financial report by City Clerk/Treasurer Bob Riggs. One item Riggs reported was the final payment on the original 1997 loan on the Carpenter Center of $128,000.


The mayor touched on a few things Riggs had reported on. The Road Aid return of funds was from Emergency Road Aid fund money. We requested $40,800 and received the whole amount which is very rare but since we did get the whole amount we had to return any funds we didn’t use. We finally finished up Phase II of the Streetscape Project. In the next couple of months we will decide where we are going next with that and get those rolling. The soccer complex has gotten loads of rock on it trying to dress up the parking lot.


Under new business was the acceptance of the Secure Our Schools video grant bid. There were two to pick up the bid packets and two returned them and bid. One was Northside Security with a base bid of $31,087.00. There were three options in the bid that the school wanted considered. They were one indoor camera, two outside cameras and three pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. You add that to the total cost (case bid) and this makes the bid $34,879.00. The second bid was Comstar with a base bid of $39,541.00; if you add the other 3 options in it brought the bid to $43,641.00. The mayor explained when the bids were opened we asked the school’s IT people what would work best for them and they did this. The school will be paying the bill; the city is just managing the grant. They compared the lowest to the highest. Northstar used different cameras; Comstar’s equipment is what the city is familiar with. The mayor explained when they sifted through it and basically it was the higher bid they decided to go with Comstar. This is what they are recommending as the best system and also what I am recommending to the council for the school’s surveillance system.


The mayor asked for a motion from council to approve the bid from Comstar for a total of $43,641.00.


Kinser moved, seconded by Whipple, to approve the bid of Comstar for a total of $43,641.00 (surveillance camera system).


The mayor asked if there was any discussion and someone from the audience wondered if there were other ways the school could come up with more security.


The roll call on the purchase of the surveillance camera system at $43,641.00 from Comstar passed unanimously.


Superintendent Leon Smith thanked the mayor, Kaye Simmons and Police Chief Shifflett for working with the school system on this project.


Next on the agenda was discussion on excess city property. Bill Decker said the city owns a lot of property. He had gone to the PVA’s office to get a list and there were 85 pieces of property on the list they gave him; there could be more listed differently they were not sure. Some of these may be broken down into small lots in one big parcel so it may not be as much as it seems. Decker said he wondered if the city might not be better served to look into doing something with property it does not have any need for and does not need in any way. Decker said he wanted to make it clear he was not talking about property the city was using or had a need for, or gives us access to other properties or may need in the future. He is talking about small, isolated half acre lots scattered. Decker said he had talked to Tim Pitts with the street department who said they have to mow these properties and take care of them. Decker said he did not see how the city was benefiting from these properties if we have to maintain these; it is costing us. Decker explained if these could be sold to private individuals who paid property tax then some revenue would be generated. They may even build a home or business on it generating a need for utilities and it could go on and on. It would be a win-win if we do not have to maintain these properties and someone else did who could utilize it. Decker said he thought it was worth looking into but wanted to get a feel from the other council members tonight.


The mayor added these were also liabilities because it was insurance they had to be covered.


Davenport said he thought homeowners would be willing to buy property adjacent to their property.


City Attorney Neil Kerr said each individual lot would have to be surplused and ads put in the paper describing the property and people could come in and bid on the individual lots. We could not deal directly with just one person; there would have to be bids.


The mayor said he thought it was a great idea. Since it was Decker’s idea maybe he could help get the process going. He thought Bill Pearson would be another other one. The mayor asked if other council members would be willing to help look at this and Davenport volunteered. He would start by looking at the list and go from there.


Decker said he would like to see any revenue generated from the sale in these properties go into the reserve fund. The mayor and other council agreed with this.


Next on the agenda was Resolution 2012-02, Maintaining Minimum Sign Retro Reflectivity Compliance as required by the FHWA. The mayor summed it up by explaining this was where the federal government has come in and set standards on signage; this has to be done by 2015 or 2018. The mayor said he thought the dates would be moved. Since the city knew this would be coming it had gone to these reflective signs last year and have a jump on it. This resolution will cover us from a legal standpoint.


Kerr read Resolution 2012-02 in its entirety.


The mayor asked for a motion to accept Resolution 2012-02.


Whipple moved, seconded by Bell, to accept Resolution 2012-02.


The mayor asked for any discussion; being none the Resolution was accepted by a unanimous vote.


The next item on the agenda was the bill payment folder. The mayor asked if the council had a chance to look at it and if so asked for a motion to approve.


Decker moved, seconded by Gooch, to pay the all bills presented in the bill payment folder. Being no discussion the motion to pay the bills passed unanimously.


Under other business the mayor presented an abnormal water usage request. The request comes from a customer on Highland Lick Road but was in the city’s water district. The leak cost the customer almost 400,000 gallons of water. He fixed the leak but even with the adjustment the elderly man still owes $2,117.15. The adjustment will be $2,361.53.


Someone in the audience asked for clarification on how the abnormal water usage adjustment worked and the mayor explained the procedure.


The mayor asked for a motion to approve the abnormal water usage waiver.


Kinser moved, seconded by Bell, to allow the waiver; being no discussion the motion passed unanimously.


Decker asked Chief Shifflett how the enforcement of the new synthetic drug ordinance was coming. Chief Victor Shifflett said he has not had any issues with it; they have done away with it. Decker said the new sign at the firehouse looked really good. The mayor said the three flag poles have also been put up. We are looking for dates to have an open house soon.


The mayor told the council there was a need to go into executive session for reason of property, personnel and litigation pursuant to KRS 61.815(1)(a)


Decker moved, seconded by Bell, to leave regular session and enter into executive session. The motion passed unanimously.


Decker moved, seconded by Bell, to leave executive session and return to regular session. The motion passed unanimously.


Decker moved, seconded by Bell, to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.







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