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February 16, 2016




held FEBRUARY 16, 2016


The Russellville city council met in regular session on Tuesday, February 16, 2016, at 5:00pm, in city hall. Mayor Mark Stratton presided over the meeting with council members Jimmy Davenport, Pat Bell, Sandra Kinser, Jack Whipple, Larry Wilcutt and Darlene Gooch present.


Wilcutt moved, seconded by Gooch, to approve the minutes of February 2, 2016; being no additions or corrections the motion passed unanimously.


Under the mayor’s announcements he read a thank you card from the Doris Kinser family in reference to his recent passing. Sandra Kinser was his daughter-in-law. The mayor had two recommendations from the Tree Board. The first was the removal of a Bradford Pear at 298 West 6th Street and the removal of a tree at 121 West 9th (we will contact the Highway Department to take this down).


Darlene Gooch said there was an upcoming play next Friday and Saturday evening called “The Queen of Bingo”. It will be a dinner theatre starting at 5:30pm with the play starting at 7:00pm.


Davenport asked who was putting the play on and Gooch said it was the Lady in Red Players. Kinser asked if it was going to be at Main Street and Gooch said yes it’s with the theatre; and will be in the lobby.


There were no committee reports.


Bob Riggs, City Clerk/Treasurer, gave a financial report.


The mayor reported the city had received $150,000.00 grant from the Carpenter Company Foundation for the new park to see if we can get it completed. It probably will not be finished this spring or this summer but will be wide open by the spring of 2017. This is the second $150,000.00 grant we have received from the Carpenter Foundation on this park among other grants.


There was no old business.


Under new business, Police Chief Victor Shifflett presented the department’s 2015 Annual Report and the 2016 Strategic Plan. They are focusing their trainings on driving, shooting and fighting. The first Teen Police Academy was held in 2015. Sgt. Mary Lynn Moore, Master Police Officer Vincent Brown and Robert Bubacz from the Sheriff’s Officer were the instructors. Students from both local high schools attended. We hope to have a larger number of students this year.


The officers are beginning a program on elderly wellness checks. Typically the officers will be in uniform so they will be recognized. The elderly can sign up at the police department or an officer can go to their home to sign them up.


Referring to the activity report Shifflett said there were 15,514 service requests for 2015. Reports are done on most every incident. There were about 150 different types of calls the officers respond to. Any time a council member would like to do a ride along just let the police department know.


Shifflett said he and his officers appreciate everything the council does for them.


The mayor said for as small as our department is they are very well equipped for their safety as well as the safety of the citizens.


When officers are hired they agree to a 3-year contract from the date of graduation with them to recoup our cost on the training.


There was no other business.


Kinser moved, seconded by Davenport, to adjourn the meeting; the motion passed unanimously.








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