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July 19, 2011




held JULY 19, 2011


The Russellville city council met in regular session on Tuesday, July 19, 2011, at 5:00 p.m., in city hall. Mayor Mark Stratton presided over the meeting with council members Jimmy Davenport, Pat Bell, Sandra Kinser, Jack Whipple, Lanny McPherson and Darlene Gooch present.

The mayor asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the regular session held July 5, 2011.

McPherson moved, seconded by Gooch, to approve the minutes of July 5, 2011.

The mayor asked for any corrections or discussion. Kinser said a correction was needed on page 3. She had moved to adjourn, Bell was not present. Being no other corrections, the motion to approve the minutes passed with Davenport, Kinser, Whipple, McPherson, and Gooch voting yes. Bell did not vote as she was absent July 5.

Next on the agenda were committee reports.

Council member Pat Bell gave a report on the fire department for the month of June. They have completed the annual fire hydrant testing for ISO. The fire department participated in two PR events at Crossroads Church and Tractor Supply. Chief Poole will be attending a Fire Officer seminar in Madisonville, Saturday July 30, 2011.

Next on the agenda City Clerk/Treasurer Bob Riggs presented a report on the financial accounts of the city.

Next on the agenda under old business was the approval of street repair list.

The mayor said most everyone had put Second Street, Peyton to Main, on their priority street repair list. McPherson suggested just focusing on Second Street this year and getting a bid for that work. The major agreed to receive bids on work for Second Street before proceeding further.

Next on the agenda under new business was the old hospital payment. Mr. Riggs stated the current loan ends August 15, 2011 and recommended renewing it for another year.

McPherson moved, seconded by Bell to authorize Mr. Riggs to check for the lowest interest rate on the old hospital loan and renew it for one year.

The mayor asked for any discussion on the motion; being none the motion passed unanimously.

The next item on the agenda was Resolution 2011-06, DLG Recovery Assistance Program; 125 kW generator and light tower, read by the mayor. The mayor stated he needs authorization for the resolution.

Kinser moved, seconded by Bell, to authorize the mayor to approve Resolution 2011-06 and apply for the grant.

The mayor asked for any discussion on the motion; being none the motion passed unanimously.

The next item on the agenda was the Streetscape project bump-outs.

The mayor said he had spoken to Scott Randolph with DDI Engineering who believes the city can set a grate down in the gaps between the bump-outs and the curb, that will still let water flow through and things flow by. The mayor asked Randolph if a change order would be needed. Randolph is to check but believes it can be done independently from the contract. The mayor will speak to Randolph and make sure no change order is needed and what the cost will be before moving further.

Next was a discussion to surplus retired Police Chief Barry Dill’s firearm.

Davenport moved, seconded by Gooch to surplus the firearm and give to Mr. Dill who recently retired.

The mayor asked for any discussion; being none the motion passed unanimously.

The mayor asked the council if they have had a chance to look at the bill payment folder which was next on the agenda for approval. He asked for a motion to approve the payments in the folder.

Whipple moved, seconded by Bell, to approve the bills in the payment folder.

The mayor asked if there were any questions; being none the motion to approve the bills passed unanimously.

The mayor said under other business at the Carpenter Center, the replacement pool circulating pump for heating the pool no longer works. The pump is the original from when it was first put in with a Dectron unit. Parts cannot be found for these pumps. REA that services our Dectron products put in a bid to replace the pump. The bid is $5200.00.

Also under other business, the mayor said we have obtained a price on the ladder truck. The price is $639,000.00, fully equipped. He then turned the discussion over to Mr. Riggs to discuss financing options. Mr. Riggs gave a handout of two options and discussed those two. He stated he needs to speak to additional financial institutions to see what they can do as well. He suggested to the council to think about when to buy the truck (and) think in terms too of when we can afford to make the payments; the closer we are to next fiscal year the better. The other side of it is that you also want to meet the obligation of the grant. McPherson asked what the down payment would be if choosing the Pierce option. The mayor said they are basically wanting the amount of the grant, $325,000.00.  McPherson then asked if we borrowed the money for the down payment, when the city would get the check from the Carpenter Foundation (grant money). The Mayor said that once we have proof we have met our obligation they would send the check out quickly. Mr. Riggs said that it was hard to beat someone that uses bonds because they are tax exempt bonds. The mayor stated he does not believe the city will be able to solicit much money. He sees no way around it but to finance the rest of it. Kinser asked about more grants. McPherson said that you can’t get more grants once the truck is purchased. Bell said it is hard to get grants on fire trucks. The mayor said one of the things the council needs to decide is the approval to go ahead and finance the remaining part of the fire truck.

Bell moved, seconded by McPherson, to pursue financing to complete the purchase of the new ladder truck with Carpenter grant funds.

The mayor asked for any other discussion. McPherson said that he thinks we just need to be sure that it fits the city’s schedule. When we receive it and when we start making payments. The mayor said we don’t want to rush it. Kinser asked Mr. Riggs if the city is able to prepay on the bonds. Mr. Riggs said that on most we can.

The mayor asked if there was any more discussion; being none the motion passed unanimously.

The mayor asked if any members of the council had anything under other business. McPherson read a statement in which he resigned his council position effective August 2, 2011. He is taking a position with the Electric Plant Board which would be in conflict with his position.

The mayor asked if anyone in the audience had anything to discuss. Eleanor McCormick spoke about the bump-out problem when trying to turn off of Fifth Street onto Main Street. She is concerned with someone wrecking there. The mayor agreed that it is a problem.

The mayor asked for a motion to go into closed executive session pursuant to KRS 61.815(1) (a).

Whipple moved, seconded by Bell, to leave regular session and enter into executive session. The motion passed unanimously.

Davenport moved, seconded by Bell, to leave executive session and return to regular session. The motion passed unanimously.

Gooch moved, seconded by Kinser, to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.


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