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August 8, 2017





held August 8, 2017


5:00 p.m.



The Russellville City Council met in Regular Session on Tuesday, August 8, 2017, at 5:00 p.m., in City Hall. Mayor Mark Stratton presided over the meeting. Council members present were Jimmy Davenport, Pat Bell, Sandra Kinser, Jack Whipple, Larry Wilcutt and Darlene Gooch.


Mayor Mark Stratton asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the Regular Council meeting that was held on July 18th, 2017.


Kinser moved, seconded by Bell to approve the minutes of July 18th.


The motion to approve with no corrections being made passed with Davenport, Kinser, Bell, and Wilcutt and Gooch voting yes, Whipple abstaining due to being absent from July 18th meeting.


Mayor Mark Stratton had no appointments.


City Council member Pat Bell gave the City of Russellville Fire Department report for the month of July 2017 there was a total of 108 fire runs, making as of August 1st, 2017 a total of 832 so far.


The Mayor mentioned of the various activities scheduled for the “Eclipse” on August 21st.  The Mayor also said there will be extra man power scheduled for each of our emergency management departments.


City Clerk/Treasurer Bob Riggs gave the financial report from various accounts for the City of Russellville and mentioned to the Council they’ve received in their packets the outline of what the deadlines are for the property taxes.


There was no old business.


Under new business City Attorney Neil Kerr read the first reading of Ordinance 2017-03; Amending Budget FY July 1, 2016- June 30, 2017 sponsor by Jimmy Davenport.


City Attorney Neil Kerr read the first reading of Ordinance 2017-06; Amending Ordinance 2000-15 by revising the Russellville Zoning Regulations sponsor by Larry Wilcutt.


Under other, Council member Pat Bell mention of a list of concerns that the City of Russellville Fire Department had pertaining to the new downtown hotels that are looking to be built. After the list was read off, the Mayor said some of the concerns was training that the City would have to be responsible for and but anything pertaining to structure would be with Mr. Humphrey the architect. The Mayor stressed that we’ll be doing our good diligence to make sure everything will be done the way it should be.


Council member Larry Wilcutt asked Mr. Humphrey (architect) that was present during the meeting, if there had been a “flow test” conducted yet? Mr. Humphrey said “no” it’s supposed to be done this week. 


The Mayor said there was a need to go into executive session for reason of property, personnel or litigation and pursuant to KRS 61.815 (1) (a).


Kinser moved, seconded by Bell, to leave regular session and go into executive session; the motion passed unanimously.


Whipple moved, seconded by Wilcutt to leave executive session and return to regular session; the motion passed unanimously.


The Mayor had just a couple items to bring before the Council; one of the items was Abnormal Water Usage from a city resident, water bill was $1864 and with the approval of the Council to adjust water bill to $475.35.


Kinser moved, seconded by Bell, for the approval of the Abnormal Water Usage Adjustment; the motion passed by all present voting yes.


The next order of business the Mayor mentioned was the work for the Intersections at East 6th, South Summer, Gilbert & Smith (Housing Authority area) and approximately 135 ft. roadway at Thurston Dr.

The cost will be approximately $3680. The Mayor entertains the motion to proceed with the work at those three areas.


Bell moved, seconded by Gooch, for the road work at E. 6th, S. Summer, Gilbert & Smith & Thurston Dr.; the motion passed unanimously.


Davenport moved, seconded by Kinser, to adjourn the meeting; the motion passed unanimously.











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