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January 16, 2018

Minutes of Regular Session

of the Board of Council

of the City of Russellville, Kentucky

held January 16, 2018



The Russellville City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, at 5:00 pm, in City Hall. Mayor Mark Stratton presided over the City Council meeting. Council members present were Jimmy Davenport, Pat Bell, Sandra Kinser, Larry Wilcutt and Darlene Gooch.  Council member Jack Whipple was absent.


Mayor asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the council meeting held December 5, 2017.


Kinser moved, seconded by Bell to approve the minutes of December 5th.


The Mayor asked if there were any corrections that needed to be noted at this time; Councilman Larry Wilcutt made a proposal for corrections in wording on the last full paragraph on the first page and the top paragraph on the second page for better wording understanding.


The motion to approve the proposed corrections passed with Davenport, Bell, Kinser, Wilcutt and Gooch voting yes.


The Mayor re-appointed Larry Vaught, Carl Seidler, Jason Kutzman, April Kutzman, Melanie Manley, Chris Hollman, Kelly Lewis and Jack Whipple for the Russellville Arts Council. 


Wilcutt moved, seconded by Bell to approve the re-appointments to the Arts Council. The motion passed by all present voting yes.


The Mayor re-appointed Gary Cross, Bennie Collier, Gerald Funk, Algie Ray Smith and Betty Benton to the Code Enforcement Board. 


Kinser moved, seconded by Bell for the re-appointments to the Code Enforcement Board.  The motion passed by all present voting yes.


The financial report given by Bob Riggs, City Clerk/Treasurer presented updates on city accounts.


The Mayor did mention the City’s Street Department had worked a lot of hours due to the inclement weather we’ve had since midnight Thursday (January 11th), and that he appreciated what the Street Department has done.


There was no old business.


Under new business was the surplus of back-up weapons from the City of Russellville Police Department. Chief Victor Shifflett said the back-up weapons was ten years old and that Captain Todd Raymer was able to trade the existing older holsters for new ankle holsters and twenty-eight weapons at no cost to the Police Department.


Bell moved, seconded by Kinser for the Surplus of the Back-Up Weapons. The motion passed by all present voting yes.

Chief Victor Shifflett also mentioned the surplus of Sergeant Morris Kisselbaugh service weapon.  Chief Shifflett said that it has been customary in the department, when an officer retires the weapon is surplused and given to the officer. Sergeant Kisselbaugh would also be receiving a retirement badge with the service weapon.


Davenport moved, seconded by Gooch, to surplus Sergeant Morris Kisselbaugh service weapon to be given to him; the motion passed unanimously.


Next on the agenda was the Sewer/Water Line Extension Proposal; the Mayor asked Mr. Wayne Thomas to explain the details for the sewer/water line extension proposal. Mr. Thomas explained from time to time Mr. Bill Pearson and himself work really close together on projects & things that come in for businesses; as a result of that the City has businesses that approach us in asking what the process is or if there is anything that the City could do for an extension of our water/sewer. The City looks at the request as a case to case bases and the extension would be determined basically where, how far and would it be viable to extend; you’re generally having to cross the State Road and so, in that process that’s where any additional cost would come from.  The City has to look at the extension of water and/or sewer or possibly both. Mr. Thomas explained the process before being reviewed and the process for the documentation needed for the recommendations to go before the Mayor and Council.


The Ordinance 2018-01 was on the agenda to be read but due to time restriction City Attorney Neil Kerr said the Ordinance will be read at the February 6th Council Meeting.  


The Mayor asked if anybody had anything other to discuss; Mrs. Shana Wheat-Taylor spoke on the benefits of “Cannabis Marijuana” in asking for support for “whole plant medicine” to be legalized in the state of Kentucky.


Mr. Carl Taylor also spoke on the behalf of the Veterans that is in need of the benefits from “Cannabis Marijuana”. Mr. Taylor asking that we make it “personal” and we support cannabis marijuana to be legalized. Mr. Taylor thanked the Mayor and Council for allowing him to speak.


The mayor said there was a need to go into executive session for reason of property, personnel or litigation and pursuant to KRS 61.815(1)(a).


Wilcutt moved, seconded by Bell, to leave regular session and go into executive session; the motion passed unanimously.


Bell moved, seconded by Kinser, to leave executive session and return to regular session; the motion passed unanimously.


The Mayor asked Wayne Thomas to give more details on the Sewer/Water Line Proposal. Mr. Thomas said that the City of Russellville has a interested party that’s presented a proposal to advance water/sewer from current location in the NW side of 178 the proposal is for the City to bring water/sewer over to the SW corner of 178.


Thereby they would be willing to make an investment themselves towards that extension, which would leave the City maybe a 3rd. Wayne said a contract with certain stipulations would need to be drawn up by our City Attorney Neil Kerr, after the contract is drawn up then it would be presented to the Mayor and City Council. The Council would have to give the Mayor the authorization to enter into the contract.


City Attorney Neil Kerr said, “he “thinks” you need a motion to authorize the Mayor to execute a contract whereby the City to contribute one third of the cost for the project up to $45,000; as the project described by Mr. Thomas, as so moved and then a second”.


Kinser moved, seconded by Bell, to authorize the Mayor to execute a contract for the Water/Sewer Project; the motion passed unanimously.


The Mayor asked for any other discussion.


The Mayor told City Attorney Neil Kerr that we will have him (Attorney Neil Kerr) draw up the contract to present to the investor/investors that had contacted Mr. Thomas with the proposal.


Davenport moved, seconded by Bell, to adjourn the meeting; the motion passed unanimously.









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