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November 7, 2017




held November 7, 2017





The Russellville City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, at 5:00pm, in City Hall. Mayor Mark Stratton presided over the meeting with Council Members Pat Bell, Sandra Kinser, Jack Whipple, Larry Wilcutt and Darlene Gooch present. Jimmy Davenport absent from the meeting.


Mayor Mark Stratton asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting held October 17, 2017.


Whipple moved, seconded by Gooch, to approve the minutes of October 17th, 2017.


The Mayor asked for any discussion.


Kinser said on Page 1, under old business, the word “with” needed to be taken out and “which is “replaced in that sentence. Kinser advised on the last page towards the end of the page the amount of $30,000 should be $33,000 and “but” needs to be removed.


With these corrections noted, roll was called and the motion passed unanimously, with Larry Wilcutt abstain due to being absent from the October 17th meeting.


The Mayor has no appointments at this time.


The Mayor announced of the Veterans Day Service that will be held on Saturday, November 11th starting at 10:00 a.m. on the lawn of the Old Court House and encourage all Veterans to attend. The Mayor also asked Don Neagle to announce to the public of the Veterans Day Service inviting everybody to come and show their appreciation for the men and women that have and are defending our country.


There were no committee reports.


City Clerk/Bob Riggs presented a financial report for the City.


Under old business, Catherine Blazer from Enterprise Fleet Management had given a presentation during the City Council meeting that was held on October 17th; 2017; the Mayor is asking the Council for their thoughts at this November 7th meeting in reference to Fleet Management.


City Council member Pat Bell doesn’t think the Fleet program is for the City right now.  City Council member Larry Wilcutt also doesn’t seem to think the City is needing this program but it is something to look into for the Police Department. The Mayor said he would get in contact with Ms. Blazer in reference Fleet program for the City’s Police Department pursuit vehicles.


There was no new business on the agenda but City Attorney Neil Kerr had prepared Ordinance 2017-08 to be read at this City Council meeting.


The first reading of Ordinance 2017-08; An Ordinance Adopting the Zoning Map Amendment by the Logan Joint Cities/County Planning Commission Regarding a Zoning Change of a Certain Lot Located at 237 East 6th Street from R-3 to B-2.


The second reading of Ordinance 2017-08 will be held Thursday, November 9th ,2017 at 5:00 p.m.


The mayor said he had been given a request for an abnormal water usage for a city resident Sylvia Terry, their bill was $1343.46 and after the adjustment the bill would be $342.02.


Whipple moved, seconded by Bell, to approve the abnormal water usage adjustment of $1001.44; the motion passed unanimously.


The mayor said there was a need to go into executive session for reason of property, personnel or litigation and pursuant to KRS 61.815(1)(a).


Kinser moved, seconded by Bell, to leave regular session and go into executive session; the motion passed unanimously.


Kinser moved, seconded by Bell, to leave executive session and return to regular session; the motion passed unanimously.


The Mayor asked the Council for the approval of hiring another employee for the Street department.


Bell moved, seconded by Gooch, for the hiring of another employee for the Street department; the motion passed unanimously.


Wilcutt moved, seconded by Bell to adjourn the meeting; the motion passed unanimously.









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