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WHEREAS, Code of Ordinances, Chapter 36: Personnel Classification Plan and Pay Plan, adopts by reference Ordinance 82-8, and all subsequent amendments thereto, which sets
forth the plans for personnel classification and pay; AND

WHEREAS, the Mayor and the City Council of Russellville, Kentucky, deem it appropriate and necessary to add to said plans the position of Sergeant for the Russellville Fire

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the City Council of Russellville, Kentucky, as follows:


Code of Ordinances, Chapter 36: Personnel Classification Plan and Pay Plan, which adopts by reference Ordinance 82-8, and all subsequent amendments thereto, is hereby amended to reflect the addition of the position of Sergeant for the Russellville Fire Department. The job description and pay classification for said position is set forth in Exhibit “A” attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if set forth fully herein.


The provisions of this ordinance are severable. If any sentence, clause, or part of this ordinance or the application thereof to any particular state of case is for any reason found to be unconstitutional, illegal or invalid, such un unconstitutionality, illegality or invalidity shall not affect or repeal any of the remaining provisions, sentences, clauses or sections or parts of this Ordinance, it being the legislative intent of this body to ordain and in act each other.


All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith now in effect, to the extent of said conflict, are hereby repealed.


This ordinance shall become effective upon passage and publication as required by law.

FIRST READING conducted on this the 22nd day of November 2016.

SECOND READING AND PASSAGE on this 6th day of December 2016.

APPROVED:  Mark Stratton, Mayor

ATTEST:  Bob Riggs, City Clerk

At a meeting of the City Council of the City of Russellville, Kentucky, held on December 6, 2016, the foregoing ordinance was adopted, after full discussion, by the following vote:

Jimmy Davenport
Pat Bell
Sandra Kinser
Jack Whipple
Larry Wilcutt


Darlene Gooch



Class Title; Sergeant

Department: Fire

Supervisor: Fire Chief and Shift Commanders

Supervises: Supervises personnel on shift in absence of shift commander.

Purpose: Promoting a career member to the position of sergeant is a reward for exemplary performance and a willingness to take on additional responsibilities. Quite often, a sergeant’s position is a stepping stone for officer rank within the fire department.

1. Sergeant is appointed by the Fire Department Chief Officer.
2. A Sergeant’s probation term of appointment will be a twelve (12) months. A sergeants whose performance is satisfactory will become permanent.
3. The Chief will consider new sergeant appointments as the need arises.
4. The following are minimum requirements for consideration to be appointed as a sergeant:
A. Five (5) years of current fire department service.
B. Qualification to drive all apparatus at the station.
C. The Sergeant candidate shall complete the required ICS classes to be qualified for command.
D. Approval from the Chief to ride the officer seat.
E. Excellent performance as a firefighter as deemed by the department officers, which includes a “team player” attitude.
F. Kentucky certified EMT or EMT/FR in good standing.
5. The following are considerations when appointing new sergeants:
A. Firefighter I and II certification.
B. Certification as a Level I instructor.
6. Sergeants may be asked to take on additional responsibilities in the management of the Fire Department by officers. These responsibilities may be to assist an officer with the officer’s assigned task. They may also act as an officer in the absence of Officers.

1. The sergeant candidate shall have been through the Officer promotional process. Unless waivedfor good cause, by the department’s Chief Officer.
2. It is expected that unless already certified as a Level I instructor, a new sergeant will become certified as a Level I instructor within a one (1) year period, unless extended for good cause, by the department’s Chief.
3. The Sergeant candidate shall complete ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 300, ICS 400, ICS 700 and ICS 800 within a one year period, unless extended for good cause by the department’s Chief.

The fundamental reason this job exists is to maintain and safely operate fire apparatus, as well as provide leadership in the absence of Officers. This is skilled work in responding to fire alarms and fire emergencies and operating the fire apparatus at emergency scenes. Duties also include conducting and participating in continuing education and in-service on firefighting techniques, and lifesaving procedures, presenting training programs and drills for subordinates, recruits, and performing or assigning public service activities, performing safety and operational inspections on vehicles and equipment, assigning the upkeep and maintenance of the apparatus, preparing reports and performing other related administrative tasks. A Fire Sergeant reports directly to a company officer who provides general supervision. At emergency incidents, the Sergeant is
under the command of any officer of higher rank. In the absence of an Officer, the Sergeant will be in command until an Officer arrives on the scene and command is transferred.

The Sergeant Position will include the following Essential Functions:

1. Responds to fire alarms, fires, emergency rescue situations, hazardous material spills and other ground and structural emergencies by driving fire apparatus and
performing emergency operations in order to respond safely and quickly to emergency scenes and ensure the safety of all passengers and apparatus.
2. Maintains fire apparatus and associated equipment and conducts inspections on vehicles and equipment following check-off sheets in order to ensure all apparatus is
fully operational for emergency response, ensure all necessary repairs are completed and ensure all fire service equipment is accounted for and in its proper location on
the apparatus.
3. Prepares records and reports and maintains station and/or truck supply and equipment inventories in order to assist the company officer in completing required paperwork, document station and apparatus records and activities and remain in compliance with departmental and local, state and federal requirements.
4. Conducts and participates in continuing education and in-service training on subjects related to firefighting, rescue and life support and the management of hazardous materials spills in order to remain current on new fire service techniques, instruct other fire personnel and increase current level of knowledge and skill.
5. Performs public service activities such as station tours, blood pressure screenings, basic life support or first aid services, and directions to include developing or
evaluating program, and compiling information using apparatus and equipment such as turn out gear and station tour outline in order to provide effective public service or educational programs.

6. Performs administrative duties in order to assist the company officer, maintain smooth station operations and communicate information to station personnel or other stations.

7. Assists in the investigation of origin and cause of fires to determine if fires are intentional or accidental in order to assist investigators in determining the cause of


Official ordinance may be requested at the office of the City Clerk, Main Street, Russellville, Kentucky

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