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                                                            RUSSELLVILLE, KENTUCKY

                                                                TABLE OF CONTENTS





                                                    TITLE I: GENERAL PROVISIONS


10.       Rules of Construction; General Penalty


                                                       TITLE III: ADMINISTRATION


30.       Mayor‑Council Plan

31.       City Officials

32.       City Council

33.       Finance and Revenue

34.       Public Records

34A.    Public Meetings

35.       Departments, Boards, and Commissions

36.       Personnel Classification Plan and Pay Plan

37.       Taxation

38.       City Policies

39.       Code of Ethics


                                                      TITLE V: PUBLIC WORKS


50.       Garbage and Refuse

51.       Sewer System and Water Works System


                                                    TITLE VII: TRAFFIC CODE


70.       General Provisions

71.       Traffic Rules

72.       Parking Regulations

73.       Bicycles and Motorcycles

74.       Traffic Schedules

75.       Parking Schedules


                                            TITLE IX: GENERAL REGULATIONS


90.       Animals

91.       Streets and Sidewalks

92.       Nuisances

93.       Fireworks; Fire Prevention

94.       Litter Control

95.       City Cemetery

96.       Civil Defense

97.       Fair Housing

98.       Sound Amplifiers

99.       Trees

100.     Security Alarm Systems






2003 S-11


2                                                    Russellville ‑ Table of Contents





                                                 TITLE XI: BUSINESS REGULATIONS


110.     Occupational License Tax

111.     Advertising

112.     Alcoholic Beverages

113.     Amusements

114.     Insurance Premium Tax

115.     Peddlers, Itinerant Merchants, and Solicitors

116.     Private Peace Officers

117.     Pawnbrokers

118.     Vendors

119.     Financial Institution Franchise and Local Deposit Tax

120.     Sexually Oriented Businesses

121.     Motor Vehicle Sales


                                                    TITLE XIII: GENERAL OFFENSES


130.     General Offenses


                                                            TITLE XV: LAND USAGE


150.     Building Regulations

151.     Flood Damage Prevention

152.     Property Numbering System

153.     Subdivision Regulations

154.     Zoning Code


                                                   TABLE OF SPECIAL ORDINANCES




I.          Annexations, Detachments, and Eminent Domain Actions

II.         Easements

III.       Franchises

IV.       Real Estate Transactions

V.        Vacations of Streets and Alleys

VI.       Zoning Map Changes

VII.      Contracts/Agreements

VIII.     Revenue Bonds

IX.       Personnel Policies and Procedures


                                                           PARALLEL REFERENCES


                                                References to Kentucky Revised Statutes

                                                            References to Ordinances







2009 S-13


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