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Today, March 16, 2020, representatives of Logan County Government and the Mayor of the City of Russellville met in an effort to develop a local plan relative to the COvid 19 procedure in light of the efforts by Federal, State, and other governmental agencies to limit the potential spread of the virus.  In attendance at the meeting were the following: Logan County Judge Executive, Logan Chick, Mayor of the City of Russellville, Mark Stratton, Logan County Attorney, Joe Ross, Assistant Logan County Attorney/Attorney for the City of Russellville, Elizabeth Teel, Logan County Clerk, Scotty Harper, Logan County Sheriff, Steven Stratton. To date, we are unaware of any cases locally. We are attempting to balance the health concerns of the community in the event that the virus does appear locally, while still remaining open for necessary business.


Effective immediately, Logan County and the City of Russellville public buildings are going to be limited only to those conducting business within the office. Certain steps are going to be taken to limit, and when possible, totally limit in-person contact between the public and staff. This is for the safety of both the public and the employees of Logan County and the City of Russellville.  It is intended for these procedures to be in place until April 10, 2020, unless further notice is provided.  


The Historic Logan County Courthouse will remain open but the offices will be restricted to business only. The office of the County Judge Executive and the County Attorney ask that the public utilize telephone communication and remote document submission via mail, fax, scan, or other email communication. The Sheriff has been gracious enough to assign a deputy to the Historic Courthouse who will restrict access based upon the directives of each office. Documents can be provided to the public remotely via email. In the event that is not an option, forms will be provided on-site. For more specific types of forms and documents, it may be necessary to call the office so that those forms can be provided. Steps will be taken to allow citizens to submit necessary documents to the Judge Executive’s Office, the County Attorneys Office, the Child Support office, and the Occupational Tax Office via drop boxes at each office. In-person contact will be by appointment only, in necessary situations.  


You may contact the County Judge Executive’s Office by phone, fax, or email using the following: 


270-726-3116 (phone)

270-7263117 (fax)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You may contact the County Attorney’s Office by phone, fax, or email using the following: 


270-726-8999 (phone)

270-726-8458 (fax)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


You may contact the Logan County Child Support office by phone, fax, or email using the following: 


270-726-2061 (phone)

270-726-9065 (fax) 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The City of Russellville intends for City Hall to remain open for necessary business, however, any in-person contact will be limited by utilizing the drop box and/or the mail for payment of water bills and tax bills.  The mailing address for the City of Russellville is 168 South Main Street, Russellville, KY 42276.  Water bills can also be paid online by visiting  City employees are happy to answer any questions by telephone and can be reached using the following numbers: 


Mayor’s Office: 270-726-5000

Water Department: 270-726-5006

City Clerk: 270-726-5007


The Russellville Police Department will be open for business as usual for law enforcement purposes.  Should you need assistance from the Police Department that is non-emergency, please contact the office by calling 270-726-7669.  Effective immediately, the Russellville Police Department will implement the following until further notice: 

  1. Officers will no longer respond to unlock vehicles unless a small child is locked inside the vehicle. 
  2. Officers will not be doing fingerprinting for civilian background checks. 
  3. If you need a copy of a police crime or collision report, then go online to buycrash.comor, as copies of these reports will not be given out from the records department. 
  4. Officers will be encouraged to conduct business over the phone with those needing to speak with an officer over minor or civil issues. 


The Logan County Clerk’s Office will also be assigned a deputy to limit access to the building to only those conducting county business within that building. The Clerk encourages citizens to utilize steps to conduct your business with the Clerk's Office remotely.  Car Tags can be renewed remotely by using the following methods:


  1. Using the online renewal at You will need a credit card to process this payment.
  2. Mail in renewal to Logan County Clerk at P.O. Box 358, Russellville Ky. 42276, the Clerk's Office will waive the additional mail fee between now and April 10th, 2020.
  3. Call 270-726-6621 Ext. 1 after answer. You will need a credit card to process for payment.


If you are using cash for renewals or transferring a car into your name, then you may still visit our office, we just ask that if you have any sickness that you call our office before entering and we may require different options or we may meet you in the parking lot to pick up your paperwork to process. When entering the building we ask that you please use reasonable distance within office if there is a crowd.  


The Record Room at this time is still open but we may choose to close in near future, as we are encouraging all customers to utilize online records to keep down traffic in records room.  The site for online record use is: This service will require a credit card; the online service is owned and operated by Software Management Inc. The records online will more than meet the 30 yr. Title Opinion in most cases. Anything else that is not a search, our staff will try to assist via telephone. To pay Delinquent taxes on any tax bill that is owed prior to 2019, citizens can call 270-726-6621 Ext 2 and pay them over the phone with use of a credit card.


Voter Registration - If you need to update your voter registration, you may do so at  You can also download a voter registration card from Secretary of State website at


The Logan County Sheriff’s Department will be open for business as usual for law enforcement purposes. The Sheriff encourages citizens making complaints to do so via telephone as much as possible to limit unnecessary contact from the public. It is currently tax season at the Sheriff’s Department and the Sheriff would further suggest that the public utilize the drop box available to pay taxes at the Sheriff’s Department or use the US Mail, with the public having until April 15th to make these payments at the Sheriff’s Department.


Pending further issues, the County and the City plans to utilize this approach within our local governments, in keeping with the actions and recommendations from State and Federal Officials. This is not meant to raise panic, but rather as a precautionary measure to protect the well-being of our citizens during what is a difficult and unprecedented time nationally. It is clear that our national leaders from both sides of the political aisle are treating this as a serious matter and as local officials, the County and City feel it has a duty to follow that lead as local officials, and hope that all of our citizens remain healthy.


Additionally, County and City officials are not medical professionals, rather are relying on those who are trained and specialized in this area.  Citizens are encouraged to follow the advice of the CDC for the necessary steps to take to keep you and your family safe, including appropriate cleaning, social distancing, and limiting of group meetings to less than 50 people.