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Governor Beshear created “Healthy at Work.” This is a phased approach to reopen Kentucky’s economy. Healthy at Work is based on criteria set by public health experts and advice from industry experts. Phase 1 is a state-readiness evaluation. Phase 2 is business-readiness evaluation. This phased approach will ensure the Commonwealth’s citizens can safely return to work while still protecting the most vulnerable Kentuckians. During Phase 1 of Healthy at Work, the Governor will determine whether Kentucky has met certain public health benchmarks for re-opening Kentucky’s economy. These benchmarks are based on the White House’s Guidelines for Reopening America. No reopening will occur until the Governor determines Kentucky has met these benchmarks. The Governor will release additional information and guidance as to when Kentucky’s economy can begin reopening as benchmarks are met.



  • 14 days of decreasing cases
  • Increased testing capacity on contact tracing
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) availability
  • Ability to protect at-risk populations
  • Ability to social distance and follow the CDC's guidelines on large gatherings
  • Preparedness for possible future spike
  • Status of vaccine and treatment

After the Governor determines all benchmarks have been met, Kentucky will begin Phase 2 of Healthy at Work. In Phase 2, the Governor will evaluate economic sectors and individual businesses’ ability to safely reopen and gradually begin authorizing certain business sectors to reopen while still maintaining appropriate health and safety measures.

Industry groups, trade associations, and individual businesses that are closed due to COVID-19 are encouraged to submit reopen proposals discussing possible strategies and challenges their business or sector will face in safely reopening. Your proposals will aid the Governor and the Department for Public Health in evaluating at what point different types of businesses may reopen safely. However, no business or business association is required to submit such a proposal in order to reopen. Once the Governor decides, with the input of businesses, local leaders, and the Department for Public Health, that it is safe to reopen a sector of business, all of those businesses will be reopened regardless of if they submitted a proposal, provided that they implement all the necessary health and safety measures recommended.

Industry groups and trade associations are encouraged to communicate with and gather input from their membership to develop and submit reopen proposals on behalf of their members. Individual businesses may submit via the online reopen form. All proposals will be evaluated according to White House guidelines and other public health criteria. This step will ensure that Kentucky businesses are able to comply with public health protocols and CDC guidelines.

Note: Businesses that are currently open do not need to submit proposals to remain open, but must comply with new standards as set for their industries. Closed businesses or associations representing them are encouraged, but not required, to submit reopen proposals.

Additional information about Healthy at Work may be viewed on the Governor's web page.