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Statement from Mayor, Mark Stratton

City of Russellville COVID-19 Crisis


Here at the City of Russellville, we have been working daily to respond to the COVID-19 crisis that has struck our community, our country, and the world. Our number one priority is the safety and well being of our citizens, which has required certain precautions to be taken in order to do our part to slow and hopefully stop the spread of this virus and protect our most at-risk neighbors. I would like to briefly highlight some of the steps we have taken over the past several weeks.

On March 16th, I met with other local government officials to discuss a strategic approach to governmental operations in light of the pandemic reaching our home community. On that same date, the City of Russellville in conjunction with Logan County, issued a joint press release to the public detailing the closure of local governmental buildings to in-person traffic, but also sharing how services are still available to citizens. The Russellville Police Department also issued a statement on that date sharing the implementation of temporary policies to limit in-person contact with our police force, in order to better ensure their health and safety to respond to emergency and life-threatening situations.


On March 17th, the difficult decision was made to close the Carpenter Center until further notice. This came shortly before Governor Beshear mandated the closures of all gym facilities in the state. On March 24th, all City of Russellville Parks were closed to the public, as it is nearly impossible for the City to be able to ensure the sanitation of park equipment, and also as an encouragement for our citizens to follow the Governor's advice to be "healthy at home".


Several Executive Orders have been issued throughout this crisis. First, a joint executive order was issued between the City of Russellville and Logan County in which Judge Executive Logan Chick, and myself declared a local state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was consistent with federal and state declarations, and allows our local governments all the tools available to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens. I issued an Executive Order that guarantees paid sick leave to full-time city employees regardless of length of service. Also, an Executive Order was entered that extended the deadline for net profit tax returns and payments to be made, which hopefully will assist small businesses that are being adversely affected by this situation.


There is a great deal of information being circulated from various sources about this crisis, and many local, state, and federal leaders are working tirelessly to keep us informed.  While our municipality does not have the responsibility for reporting numbers or statistics regarding current cases, please rest assured that we at the City of Russellville are diligently and continuously monitoring the situation. We are fully prepared to take any measures necessary in the coming days to protect the City as best we can.


To all of our citizens working in the healthcare industry, law enforcement, and emergency responders in all capacities - Thank you on behalf of the City of Russellville. You are on the front lines of this fight, we appreciate your service, and it is not overlooked. I would also want to thank; the postal service, delivery services, general supply stores and grocery store personnel, for keeping the supply and demand chain running efficiently.


I would again ask that we all shine a green light or display a green ribbon in honor of those that have been lost to this virus, and also as a symbol of our solidarity and compassion. While we should all be following the advice of medical professionals by practicing social distancing and limiting our in-person interactions to the greatest extent possible, we are still a community and we can still find ways to encourage one another. Let's continue to find ways that we can support our local businesses and economy even during these unprecedented times. Let's continue to look for safe ways to reach out to those in our City that are most at risk and unable to visit with loved ones. Let's continue to be family and neighbors in new and different ways, while we wait for this crisis to pass. While this is a time of great uncertainty and fear, I want to take this opportunity to encourage the citizens of Russellville and Logan County to remain united in hope that we will overcome this challenge.

Romans 8:31 "If God be for us, who can be against us"

April 6, 2020 Covid19 Logan County Workshop Information




Governor Beshear - 3 critical steps for preventing COVID19. 1. Social distancing.  2. Increase health care workers.  3. Donate PPE.  State park cabins to be used to quarantine first responders. 

54 new cases in past 24 hours

1008 total cases

19,955 tested

163 hospitalized

14 new deaths


Matt Hunt – BRDHD has 52 cases

2 Barren

2 Butler

5 Edmonson

4 Logan

13 Simpson

26 Warren

Homemade cloth face coverings are not a substitute to social distancing.  Encourage use when going out for essential items.  Masks are to be maintained for health care workers. There are directions on the CDC web page to make these cloth masks.


LMH – Initiative for more and quicker testing.  Gravity Lab in Northern KY is being used.  Hope to have 60,000 more test per month done.  Hub hospital – Medical Center, Spoke hospital – LMH is one of 3 locally.  These will be where Medical Doctors will send Tier I patients after screened for testing.  These hospitals will receive 15 kits per day, as long as the lab received the specimen by 6:00 AM the next morning they are looking at less than 24 hour turn around for results.  UPS will have a drop off and pick up site six days a week.  LMH received their first supplies this morning and will be sending their first specium out today.


Ambulance service – have seen an increase in 911 calls and calls wanting checked but not wanting to go to ER.


Emergency management – County as a whole is doing good on social distancing.  Commended everyone’s hard work and efforts.

April 2, 2020 COVID19 Logan County Workshop Information




Matt Hunt reports that BRDHD has currently 40 cases of COVID19.  1 Barren, 1 Butler, 5 Edmonson, 3 Logan, 12 Simpson, 18 Warren.  Inquired about the Burn report from Emergency Management.  Communicable Team phone number to be given to LMH.  Explained the route of notification and monitoring of positive cases.

LMH contacts BRDHD with any cases.  Notified employees of an employee with a positive test.  Investigated for contacts with patients and other employees.  Guidance to self-monitor and mask for 14 days.  Contact tracing to case from past 2 weeks.  Will look for CDC approved mask pattern for local seamstress to use.

Emergency Management requests a broader group of communication.  Office number 270-726-8585.  Rodney 270-772-0660.  Terry 270-221-5374.  Logan Aluminum contributed 150 breathable barrier coveralls, EM will distribute. 

Nick Stamps has a feeler out for PPE.  Volunteers needed for the meals on wheels program.  Currently there are two workers.  To qualify for this program: age 60 + if registered with senior center you will receive one hot meal a day, age 60 + if not registered with senior center you can receive one sack meal a day.  Their number is 270-847-4626.

Chamber/Karen Logan has added links to our Logan Chamber COVID19 face book page.  These links give different information for business and restaurants.   Request for a pattern to be CDC approved to make masks.

Judge Chick says the in governor Beshear’s report today, the state fairgrounds will be set up with 2000 hospital beds to be there if needed.  In addition, any travel out of state or through the state are being asked to quarantine for 14 days.  The only travel should be for seeking medical treatment, buying groceries, work, or care of a family member.

City of Russellville Closing Parks

Russellville Mayor Mark Stratton has announced as of the close of business on March 24, 2020, all City of Russellville, Kentucky public parks, will be closed until further notice due to the increased spread and concern of the COVID-19 virus. This decision is made consistently with mandates of our state government officials, to encourage social distancing and keep our citizens safe. According to the CDC, this virus can spread person-to-person but it can also be spread from contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. It is known that this virus can live on surfaces for periods of time, which makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for the City of Russellville to ensure that park equipment is safe for use.

For these reasons, to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of this community, the city parks will be closed and locked until further notice. I encourage all citizens to follow the recommendations of the CDC and our state and federal officials in order to slow the spread of this virus and protect our most vulnerable neighbors. Despite the necessary restrictions that we have had to implement lately, it is now more important than ever for the families in our community to be active and engaged. Thankfully spring is upon us, and my hope is that while we may not be able to use our parks for the short term, our citizens can still find ways to enjoy the outdoors and engage with each other, while still practicing social distancing and remaining safe during these trying times.

Declaration of a Local State of Emergency

This morning, March 19, 2020, at 9:06 am Logan County Judge Executive, Logan Chick and Russellville City Mayor, Mark Stratton signed a “Declaration of a Local State of Emergency” in the form of a joint Executive Order.  Discussion between the two officials has been ongoing throughout the week and both agree this is a necessary step to take to protect our community in light of the growing number of cases of the COVID-19 virus in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, specifically with a case identified in a neighboring County. To date there are no confirmed cases in Logan County. This measure is being taken in preparation for what might come as the virus spreads throughout the State and Country. The declaration allows Logan County and the City of Russellville to make swift decisions as new hurdles arise, putting our community in a better position to protect the public regardless of the day or time. Having this appropriately signed and in place will allow application for federal aid and to receive emergency expenses as they become necessary and available. Presently, both the County Judge Executive and the Mayor feel the community is in a good place in terms of what is going on across the State and Country, and continue to work together with local governments, Emergency Management, local health care providers, and local and regional Health Departments to address this situation. The citizens of this community are asked to be good partners with local government and observe the directives of the CDC, the Governor of the State of Kentucky, and the President of the United States. If we all work together as a community we will be much more successful in making it through what is surely a difficult and unprecedented time.


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