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October 27, 2014

Dear Public Official:

Sunoco Pipeline L.P. operates one or more high-pressure petroleum pipelines in your area. Pipelines are part of our nation's critical transportation infrastructure and are mostly underground. Pipelines are the safest method of transporting fuel and there are more than two million miles of pipelines in the United States. While pipelines transport materials that may be hazardous if released to the environment, pipeline incidents are very rare. Sunoco Pipeline constantly monitors and controls our pipelines and is committed to maintaining our pipelines so they remain the safest method of transporting the fuels and products we rely on every day.

As a Public Official, it is important for you to be familiar with the pipelines in your community and also proper pipeline emergency response procedures. Please review the enclosed safety brochure and share it with your public safety team and others in your community. In addition to annually offering pipeline safety information and training to emergency responders and excavators, we also regularly share our safety messages with our neighbors that live, work, and do business near our pipelines. We do this to ensure they are aware of our pipelines, know the activities that are permitted within pipeline easements, how to avoid and recognize a pipeline incident, and how to respond in the unlikely event there is a pipeline emergency in the area.

An important resource for all public officials and emergency responders is theNational Pipeline Mapping System(NPMS), which identifies the approximate locations of transmission pipelines in the United States. Public officials and responders can register at the site,, to receive access to detailed maps of the transmission pipelines in their community.

You can assist us with pipeline safety in your community by ensuring that all projects involving your organization that include excavation proceed only after a call has been made to 811 - the local One Call Center. A call to 811 will result in notification to Sunoco Pipeline and other underground facility owners who will respond to ensure all digging can proceed safely. "Know what's below. Call before you dig." A representative from Sunoco Pipeline must be present for all excavation that occurs near the pipelines we operate.

Please contact me to obtain additional pipeline safety information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or by our toll-free Public Awareness number: 877-795-7271. Keep in mind that our emergency number indicated on the brochure and on pipeline markers is answered 24/7/365 and should be used to report any emergencies.



Kevin Docherty

Manager - Public Awareness



Know what'sbelOW.
Callbefore you dig.

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