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Vacant Residential Property Registration Form

Vacant Residential Property Registration Form
Vacant Residential Property Registration Form
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22 June 2022

Pursuant to City of Russellville Ordinance 2014-05, this registration form must be completed by a duly authorized officer or agent of the Creditor:

(a) Following an inspection during which it is determined that the subject property is vacant and prior to filing a complaint of foreclosure or executing a deed in lieu of foreclosure on vacant residential property located in the City of Russellville, Kentucky; or

(b) Within ten (10) business days after obtaining knowledge of the vacancy, if said vacancy begins at any time after a creditor files a complaint of foreclosure or executes a deed in lieu of foreclosure, but prior to vesting of title in the creditor or a third party.

"Creditor" means a federal or state chartered bank, savings bank, savings and loan association, or credit union, and any entity acting on behalf of the creditor named in the debt obligation including, but not limited to, servicers.

"Residential property" means real property with one (1) to four (4) dwelling units.

"Vacant" means a residential property with no legal resident or tenant. Evidence of vacancy includes any condition that on its own, or combined with other conditions present, would lead a reasonable person to believe that the property is vacant. Such conditions include but are not limited to overgrown or dead vegetation, accumulation of flyers, mail, or trash, disconnected utilities, the absence of window coverings or furniture, and statements by neighbors, delivery persons, or government employees. If the Creditor's address is outside of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, then the Creditor must provide the name and address of an agent within the Commonwealth of Kentucky that is authorized to accept service on behalf of the Creditor.

If the City of Russellville ("City") determines the subject property is in violation of any ordinance regulating a nuisance, the City will notify the Creditor of the violation by providing notice of the violation (NOV) by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the Creditor or its agent located within the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and may require the Creditor to correct the violation. If the Creditor fails to remedy the violation within the time period stated in the NOV, the City may issue a citation and impose penalties against the Creditor for violation of the ordinance referenced in the citation.

Any Creditor that fails to register vacant residential property with the City shall be subject to a civil fine of one hundred dollars ($100.00) payable to the City for EACH DAY of delinquency.

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