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Building Permit Resources:

The City of Russellville has adopted the current International Building Code (IBC) for all commercial projects and the current International Residential Building Code (IRBC) for one and two family housing.

The State of Kentucky has adopted building code amendments with regard to the Kentucky Building Code that may not agree with the (IBC). These amendments may require an additional step in the application and the review process.


Site Plan Review:

A Site Plan application for a proposed property and or a change of use of the property shall be approved by the Building Official before the start of any new construction, alteration, addition to or demolition of any existing structure and any excavation of the property. The Site Plan shall provide information concerning the size and shape of the property, placement of all utilities, driveways, storm-water management and any other improvements which would be necessary for the use to be carried out on the property in question.


Building Permits:

A Building Permit is required to construct, enlarge, alter move or demolish any structure; or change the occupancy of a building which would require greater strength, new exits or sanitary sewer discharge; or to change to another or alternate use; or to install or relocate equipment in which special provisions would be made in the building to accommodate such equipment.


An application for a Building Permit shall be made in writing to the City Building Official and shall be accompanied by the appropriate supporting documents and fees. In all new construction, a site plan shall be submitted and approved before earthwork can begin. Building and construction plans, conforming to the Building Code shall be submitted with the application. The supporting documents must also establish the use of the building and land in which the project will and must conform to the current Zoning Regulations as well.


Special Note: In the case of dilapidated or dangerous building after which the Code Enforcement Officer has given a notice of violation, permits and inspections will be required to complete the work regardless of the type work being done.


Permit Duration:

Building permits shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issuance unless the permit is revoked for unauthorized work practices and other legal issues. With a written request and additional fees, a permit may be extended for up to six months if necessary, providing the work is progressing with reasonable diligence.



Inspections are required on all construction work undertaken pursuant to the Building Permit. Inspections shall be requested in advance as early as possible for footers and foundations. Rough-in and Final Inspections shall be requested at least twenty four hours in advance of the actual inspection date requested.

A request for any building inspection shall be made directly to the Building Official by phone or in person.


Certificate of Occupancy:

No land or buildings or any part thereof can be occupied or put to use or undergo a change in use until a Certificate of Occupancy is first obtained from the Building Official for the use as specified by the Zoning Ordinance and Building Code. A Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued until all inspections are final and the landscape around the building is complete or in a state of compliance.


A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy may be issued by the Building Official providing the applicant can show that a hardship exists.


Electrical Permits:

Electrical permits are required to do any type electrical work other than general repair to existing circuits. At the time of application, proof of a Kentucky Electrical license shall be presented before a permit is obtained.


HVAC Permits:

HVAC permits are required on all new projects in the City of Russellville and in Logan County. All HVAC Permits are obtained through the State HVAC Inspector; however, commercial projects, plans, drawings and manual J load calculations must be approved by the Building Official before an application to the State HVAC Inspector can be made. Applications for HVAC permits for one and two family homes can be made directly to the State HVAC Inspector.


Plumbing Permits:

All plumbing permits are handled through the plumber’s license and the State Plumbing Inspector.


Licenses Required:

All contractors must be licensed in the State of Kentucky and carry all mandatory insurance to work in the City of Russellville.

All contractors and sub-contractors working in the City of Russellville must obtain an occupational business license to work or operate a business within the City Limits.



It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to insure that a proposed use of any building or structure is a permitted use within a given zoning classification as described in the Zoning Ordinance. Failure to comply with these regulations could leave the owner with a space that could not be used for the intended use. The issuance of a building permit does not necessarily grant a proposed use.

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