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City of Russellville Building Permit

City of Russellville Building Permit
City of Russellville Building Permit
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22 June 2022

License Agreement




1. The Developer must provide a development project plan and plat describing the project by name, location, size, and any physical deformities that may exist on the property. The plan must provide the names of the owners, developers, engineers, utilities companies and any other parties that are directly involved in the development. The plan must also provide a plat description which shows any existing or planned water and sewer lines, fire hydrants, and associated valves, roads, sidewalks, lot sizes, easements, and other features required to adequately accommodate the development of the property.


2. The filling, plugging, clogging or in any way interfering with the natural drainage of a crevice, sinkhole, ditch, known subterranean water channel closed systems, catch basins, dry wells or any other drainage facilities, whether natural or constructed is strictly prohibited. Further, any person proposing any alterations, improvements or disturbances which would change the natural flow of storm water to any natural drainage system as aforementioned or would cause water to flow to an adjoining property owner, is required to submit a Storm Water Development Plan to the Zoning and Building Administration Office, prior to any excavation of any property on any site.


3. Any person proposing any construction or any other activity which would change the contour of the land, remove trees, shrubs or any other vegetation which could cause erosion or sedimentation to any natural or constructed water system, must submit plans showing any proposed temporary or permanent erosion and or sedimentation control method which will be used in the development of any lot, lots or land to the Zoning and Building Administration Office. In addition the plans must state how the vegetation is to be disposed of.


4. The burning of any debris on any site to be developed is strictly prohibited. A Burn Permit may be obtained for the burning of natural growth, however, the permit must be granted by the Kentucky Division of Air Quality and the City of Russellville Code Enforcement Officer, before any burning is to begin. Anyone found burning anything, anywhere, in the City without a proper permit shall be subject to an immediate citation by the Code Enforcement Officer and a fine as determined by the Code Enforcement Board.


5. During the work phase of any development, it shall be unlawful for any person whether wantonly, carelessly, or maliciously, to drive over, trespass upon, or in any way injure or cause damage to any adjoining property, any curbing, pavement or sidewalk in any street in the City of Russellville. In addition to any criminal or civil penalties that may be imposed, the Russellville Street Supervisor or Building Official shall have the authority to notify any violator and request a proper corrective action. If the proper repairs are not made expeditiously, the City may repair or contract to have the repairs made and the violator shall be held responsible for the cost incurred by the City for such repairs. It shall also be unlawful to track or leave upon any City street, alley or sidewalk any mud, dirt, gravel, rocks or any construction debris which would cause obstruction, damage or injury to any pedestrian or other vehicle traffic.


6. Before any excavation or construction can be started, the owner or project manager must have clearance from the supervisor of the appropriate water and sewer authority. The supervisor of the water and sewer authority shall supply the owner, developer or project manager with a certificate of approval, which includes the date of approval, address of the property and any limitations required for the property in question.


7. Any person proposing to build on any existing lot, or on any newly created lot or lots, shall supply the City Building Official with drawings, plans, plats or surveys that will adequately provide a description of the property to be built upon. The description shall accurately identify the lot size, shape, water drainage, water lines, sewer lines and any deformities that would cause any problem with the continuance of the project. The plans shall also describe the distance from any existing buildings to all property lines an all sides and the distance from any existing buildings to any new buildings in the planning stage.


8. Anyone planning obtain a building permit for any structure within the city limits of Russellville, shall provide the Building Official with complete plans and drawings suitable for the referenced project. Residential house plans shall include, footer, foundation and floor plans drawn by competent drafts person. Commercial buildings in access of 10,000 square feet shall be required to have a complete set of stamped plans by a Kentucky Certified Architect.


9. Anyone planning to excavate, cut road or streets, cut or divide land, install storm water drainage, do any type of blasting or building must apply and receive the proper permits before each stage of activity begins. Anyone found violating the permit process shall be liable for any encumbrances caused to either the City or its residences and shall be subject to fines and penalties.


10. All General Contractors shall be required to obtain an Occupational License and provide a list of any and all subcontractors that will be used on any and all projects within the city limits of Russellville. All subcontractors and specialty contractors are also required to obtain an Occupational License and must provide proof of any trade licenses as required by the state and local trade authorities before the license can be issued. A list of all known sub-contractor must be provided by the general contractor at the time of application for a building permit. If the sub-contractors are not known at the time of permitting, the list must be provided to the city licensing department or the Building Official as the sub-contractors are awarded the contracts.

I agree to the terms listed above
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